Lazy MJ Brand History

In 1961 Robert J. McNutt, Marcia's father, accepted the position of City Manager for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona.  At the time, Scottsdale liked to bill itself as the "West's Most Western Town" and even had a big spring celebration: the Parada del Sol (Parade of the Sun).  Part of the festivities included performers reenacting a robbery of a local bank complete with a shootout in the street for all to enjoy.

Bob embraced the western lifestyle.  He wore western cut business suits with cowboy boots and hat.  He even decided that he needed his own brand.  After much thought, he decided on the Lazy MJ.  The M is for Bob's daughter Marcia, the J is for Bob's daughter Jane, and the lazy was for Bob.  At least that was his explanation.

Although Bob remained as Scottsdale City Manager for only about a year, he remained enamored with the west.  He and his wife Pat eventually moved their family to Las Vegas, Nevada and registered the brand there as well.  When Bob decided to return to a consulting civil engineer vocation, he named his company the Lazy MJ Corporation.  Bob loved Las Vegas and lived there for nearly forty-five years before he went home to the Lord in 2007.

When Marcia decided to retire in New Mexico, she and Don registered the brand there.  In the family tradition, they named their company the Lazy MJ Ranch, Inc.

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